Monday, July 28, 2008

Solution to "End Program - WMS Idle"

Though this topic is unrelated any Apps DBA topics, I found it necessary to share the solution so that everyone benifits out of it!


I used to receive the below error message whenever I tried to shutdown windows XP. A rather vexing problem, no doubt.


This message appears because when windows is trying to shutdown and end all the running processes, the WMS idle process keeps working. Thus an end-program message appears. The two most common reasons for this are:

  1. Scout service run by Nero 7
  2. Microsoft Office Communicator 2005


The fix is simple, disable the Nero 7 scout service if it is enabled.

For this, go to Start > All Programs > Nero > Tools > Nero Scout.

On this screen ,Uncheck Enable the Nero scout.

This will fix the issue for most of the users, for the rest of you who are not using Nero are most probably getting this error because of Microsoft Office Communicator 2005. For that you need to either manually exit the communicator 2005 from the system tray before you shutdown windows, or also you can use this hot-fix provided by Microsoft for WMI Idle error message.


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