Friday, October 17, 2008

Oracle HTB - A brief Introduction

I am not sure how many people have worked with Oracle HTB (Healthcare Transaction Base), but I have been part of two projects, which involved implementation and maintenance of Oracle HTB. It was a good learning process for me and I enjoyed working on it thoroughly.

What exactly is HTB?

Below is an extract from the HTB Implementation Guide (which is for the base version 5 - 11i.HC_PF.E. The latest version I believe is 6) on what exactly is Oracle HTB:

Oracle Healthcare Transaction Base (HTB) is a comprehensive data repository and serviceinfrastructure that provides independent software vendors, system integrators, and provider organizations with a state of the art software platform that lets them build robust and scalable healthcare applications.

HTB software components let HTB based applications centralize and consolidate patient, provider, and healthcare data, including business rules that span the enterprise.

HTB provides a unified data model based on the HL7 version3 Reference Information Model (RIM).

As far as I know, HTB requires the following components (of Oracle):

  1. Oracle E-Business Suite (11i or R12)
  2. Oracle 10g AS or standalone OC4J (for deploying HTB)
  3. Oracle 10g AS SOA Suite and above (for integrating HTB with third party applications using web services).

In my next post, I shall take up the procedure to install HTB in EBS 11i.

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