Friday, November 21, 2008

R12 install and post install Issues in 64 Bit Solaris

Recently, I installed R12 on Sun SPARC Solaris 64 Bit and I faced a few issues that I have listed below.

Issue 1

Installation errors with the below error in .log.

Statusstring Configuring Database
Log file located at ../ApplyDatabase_.log
RC-50004: Fatal: Error occurred in ApplyDatabase:
Control file creation failed
Cannot execute configure of database using RapidClone
RW-50010: Error: - script has returned an error: 1
RW-50004: Error code received when running external process.

Error in ApplyDatabase_.log

WARNING: Default Temporary Tablespace not specified in CREATE DATABASE command
Default Temporary Tablespace will be necessary for a locally managed database in future release
Mon Nov 17 01:05:46 2008
Errors in file /opt/apps/Release12/db/tech_st/10.2.0/admin/R12VIS_suomt06k/udump/r12vis_ora_3206.trc:
ORA-01565: error in identifying file '/opt/apps/Release12/db/apps_st/data/sys5.dbf'
ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status
SVR4 Error: 25: Inappropriate ioctl for device

ST Patch 5752399 was not included in 12.0.4 media as it was not detected before the media was cut. Likelyhood of occurance is limited to specific hardware setup.

Apply Patch 5752399 while installation is underway.
1. Wipe out the failed installation and restart a new one.
2. Closely monitor the progress to catch the time it starts copying the datafiles.
3. While datafiles are being copied go ahead and apply patch 5752399 with following steps before rapidinstall calls the
1. cd /rdbms/lib
2. mv config.s config.s.before5752399
3. cp config.s.ouibak.3 config.s
4. Apply the patch 5752399
5. Try SQL*Plus and make sure it doesn't fail with ORA-3113
4. If above steps are completed before, install will continue successfully, otherwise repeat the steps but faster.

References: NOTE:565966.1

Issue 2

Unzip of appltop failed during install with the below error.

Unzip Failed:
Cannot execute install of appltop


APPL_TOP zip files were not unzipped correctly.


Unzip all the APPL_TOP zip files once more. That did not work unfortunately. Then, I downloaded the zip file which has an issue once more from edelivery and proceeded with the installation.

References: NA

Issue 3

HTTP services weren't started after install. Output of opmn log file (/opt/apps/Release12/inst/apps/R12VIS_suomt06k/logs/appl/admin/log/adopmnctl.txt) as below.

11/17/08-07:18:57 :: Starting Oracle Process Manager (OPMN) unable to load ÿ¿òPÿ¿ò\206ÿ¿ò\211ÿ¿ò\214
main: NLS initialization failed!! unable to load ÿ¿òHÿ¿ò~
main: NLS initialization failed!! unable to load ÿ¿ñÈÿ¿ñþÿ¿ò^Aÿ¿ò^D
main: NLS initialization failed!!
opmnctl: opmn start failed.
11/17/08-07:18:58 :: exiting with status 2


This issue is due to the library not being present under the lib32 folder.


1) Simply copy the file file from a working
environment to non-working environment into the lib32 directory.
But, this is applicable only to the same version of OS.
2) You can generate by executing the following command
$10.1.3_OH/bin/genclntsh -32
3) Setting the correct oracle home to 10.1.3 then running that ./bin/genclntsh helps:

If you run with the -32 option it updates the ./lib32 version of
If you run without the -32 option it updates the ./lib version of
( and similarly if it was set to 10.1.2, will be created in 10.1.2/lib )
So it is very important to set OH to 10.1.3.

References: NOTE:413109.1

Issue 4

When attempting to open any forms, the following error occurs:

FRM-40833: Could not completely load the dynamic user exit libraries.
User exit FND did not execute.


Relink generated a corrupted $FND_TOP/bin/ due to missing $GMA_TOP/lib/libgma.a.


1. Copy the library libgma.a from a backup taken after installation of RUP3 patch to $GMA_TOP/lib
2. Relink by running: force=y "fnd"

References: NOTE:554927.1

Issue 5

Concurrent Managers weren't coming up. The error in the ICM log file ($APPLCSF/$APPLLOG/_.mgr) FNDLIBR: fatal: /opt/apps/Release12/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64
The R12VIS_1117@R12VIS internal concurrent manager has terminated with status 137 - giving up.


Using a 64 bit executable and trying to link to 32 bit libraries.


1) You can generate under $10.1.2_ORACLE_HOME/lib32 by executing the following command
$10.1.2_OH/bin/genclntsh -32

References: NOTE:604084.1, NOTE:413109.1

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