Friday, October 17, 2008

Developer 6i Patchset Version

If one would like to find out their Develper patchset version, they can easily refer metalink note 232313.1 titled Information on Previous Versions of Developer 6i Patchsets. However, this note only lists the developer patchsets till patchset 15. In case anyone has an older installation, they would not know where to look.

Incidentally, one of our installations is on developer patchset 12 (forms/reports version is I had a tough time to find out that we were indeed on developer patchset 12! Hence, this blog entry.

In order to find the current Developer 6i patchset version from the forms/reports 6i version, two metalink notes 266541.1 and 74145.1 are available. However, Note 266541.1 provides stale information since it does not include information on the latest two developer patchsets 18 and 19.

So, Metalink note 74145.1 seems to be the best bet in finding out the correct developer patchset version.

Note: All the metalink links that I have used are from the new metalink, which requires Adobe Flash Player 9.

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